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Our services

Butler Ridge; where luxury property transcends expectations. Our discerning eye and exceptional reputation go beyond the promise of a standard estate agency, ensuring value and distinction for both buyers and sellers in Yorkshire and London.

What we do

Whether buying or selling luxury property, our clients trust us to deliver excellence in interior architecture, design and sustainability.

When selling with us, expect unparalleled diligence and strategy built from experience. We uncover and realise the potential of a property, often leading to swifter sales and ascending values.

Beyond selling, we utilise decades of expertise and our coveted network of contacts to match clients with properties that speak to their identity alongside their individual needs and requirements.

Elevate standards, embrace sophistication and discover quality with our exclusively tailored services ensuring your vision aligns seamlessly with your reality.

Services - Interior Architecture & Design

Interior architecture & design

Timeless, tailored expertise. Our focus on your goals extends beyond property acquisition. When you choose a home with Butler Ridge, you gain access to our award winning interior designer; Stephanie Martinovic.

Renowned for spatial planning and interior architecture, Stephanie ensures every decision she makes and every element of any project has both style and substance. She offers everything from consultations through to a full project management service, including designing bespoke furniture, selecting soft furnishings and décor, all tailored to complement your home.

Our in house commitment to interior artistry ensures that your dream home begins to take shape even before your purchase is complete, bringing value, assurance and elegance to your property.

Property staging

Strategic property staging, whether done virtually or physically, is designed to elevate your marketing material and ignite excitement amongst potential buyers. We know that creating that ‘wow’ factor draws more interest, resulting in increased viewings, more offers and a higher likelihood of achieving a swift sale at or above your asking price.

Our expert valuers will discuss the optimal staging options that will enhance the marketability of your property. 

Services - Sustainability


Sustainability and environmental consciousness can be found at the core of our business, and so guides our approach to property enhancements.

Aesthetics and energy efficiency should go hand in hand, which is why we’re dedicated to future proofing our clients’ properties by reducing running costs, increasing longevity and promoting environmental preservation without compromising on design.

Our leading in house consultants will assist you in your sustainability journey through an exclusive partnership with decarbonisation specialists, Zeco Energy. This process begins with measuring the energy efficiency of your home such as heat pumps and solar panels and electric car charging ports.

Land monetisation

Land can provide untapped potential and opportunity; our sustainability team can evaluate the viability of your land for renewable energy, generating significant returns as a one off or residual income.

Residential sales and marketing

Every property is unique. We embrace this reality by offering a personalised marketing strategy that aligns with your preferences, showcases your property’s best attributes and reaches the right buyer.

During your valuation and market appraisal, our experienced valuer will guide you through our tailored Marketing Menu, providing specialist recommendations for your home.

Our comprehensive marketing options include:

Photography, Videography, Virtual Tours

We employ cutting-edge technology and software, including professional photography, videography and virtual tours to exhibit your property in the most captivating way. This includes utilising drone footage, CGI virtual staging and interactive floorplans.

Services - Residential Sales & Marketing
Services - Butler Ridge Office

Digital and Physical Marketing

By advertising with all four major UK property portals, we nurture a robust online presence coupled with social media exposure. Showcase your property utilising our interactive audio visual displays in our office, professionally designed brochures and exclusive magazine features.

Relocation agencies

We leverage our extensive network of relocation agencies to connect with potential buyers nationally and internationally to maximise your property’s reach.

Discreet marketing

We appreciate the need for discretion. If you prefer to keep your property from the public domain and exclusively share it with pre-qualified buyers, our Private Office provides the ideal solution. Here, your property won’t be featured on property portals or publicly accessible areas.

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