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Private Office

Our exclusive Private Office caters to individuals and businesses seeking confidentiality and premium real estate opportunities. We facilitate off market, high end residential, commercial and land sales providing a secure portal to offer our clients the utmost privacy.

Off market sales

Utmost discretion; opting for an off market sale secures the privacy of your property being shielded from the public domain. We curate connections with pre-qualified individuals and businesses, securing the confidentiality of your marketing details.

NDA protected

When registering for access to our Private Office, we require individuals and businesses to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep any information strictly for the intended party.

Verification process

Access to our Private Office is initiated by completing an online registration form. You will then receive a call from one of our Senior Partners to discuss your application. Upon approval we issue an NDA and undertake ID verification to ensure that only qualified, committed parties gain entry.

Online portal

Once qualified, prospective clients gain access to our secure portal, offering exclusive off-market properties. The client sets their search criteria enabling them to only access the details of suitable properties. 

Secure features

The secure online portal gives these clients, including international parties, the ability to access property details at a time that best suits them. The portal features advanced security measures including disabling screen sharing and capturing functionality.

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